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Lord Jesus we thank-you for Your faithful servant Tilly who you have used in many different ways to touch the lives of so many of Your people.   Lord we ask You to cover her now with Your precious blood and wrap her in the mantle of Your blessed Mother as You prepare her soul to return home and meet You face to face.   We pray for special graces for her at the time of her passing that You might meet her with Your holy angels and bring her safely home.   We also pray for all of the family she leaves behind as they grieve her loss and ask for Your peace and consolation to comfort them.   We pray in the power of Your most Holy Name Lord Jesus.  Amen.  1 Cor 3:21-23

Please keep my sister in your prayers as she awaits the results of her biopsy. We pray for her recovery from surgery, overall wellness and clean bill of health. Amen!


Lord, we lift SF up to You, for him, for his marriage. Give him Your peace.

Tonie Marie (Apple) was called home September 25th. 

Today our Heavenly Father called our Apple home.

We prayed for a miracle... but what we didn’t realize is that we had the miracle all along.

The way you lived your life reminds us to live to the full, to choose love, to give and expect nothing in return. Heaven rejoiced today because of you.

You are loved and will forever have a special place in our hearts.

Rest in peace, Apple.

Let’s pray for the repose of her soul.

Please left Ady in your prayers as his cancer has come back, and is now affecting his lungs and liver. He will go through aggressive treatment shortly. In Jesus' name, we come against that cancer in his body and that he be healed to full restoration of health !

We pray for Ephraim Aniceto who just had a triple bypass but had complications in his lungs. Let us lift him up in prayer to our Divine Healer - that he restores him fully to wholeness,  in Jesus; name we pray.

Prayer for my friend's son, Andrew, who has been hospitalized several times over the last 3-4 months. He was found to have a bleeding ulcer for which medical interventions done.

We pray that the Lord touch Andrew's innermost being and heal his body from the inside out! Amen.


Let’s pray for Mariana’s husband who he is going for heart surgery September 23. 

Brenda Littlechild's granddaughter, McKenzie, who now has a Berlin heart (artificial heart pump) is being assessed for a heart transplant.  Please pray that she is qualified to receive a heart transplant and that when it happens, that she would respond successfully to it and lead a healthy, happy, normal life.   Lord Jesus, we ask that You walk into McKenzie's room, touch her heart and heal her.   When she qualifies for the heart transplant we also pray that all will go well and that her body will accept it completely bringing her healing and wholeness in Your precious name Lord Jesus.

Brenda Littlechild's ex husband Barry, is gravely ill at the U of A Hospital and he was asked whether he would come off of the respirator.  Barry has made the decision to be weaned off of the respirator but his children are not ready to accept this decision.   Please pray for him and for peace and acceptance of his decision.   Father we continue to pray for a miracle for Barry's full restoration of health.   Come Holy Spirit and bring Your peace and consolation to Barry's family in Jesus name.