We are the Catholic Renewal Services of Edmonton and our charism is to strengthen conversion to Jesus Christ by promoting a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit and His presence in the lives of God’s people and His church.   We represent the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and serve the Archdiocese of Edmonton under the auspices of the Archbishop.

Catholic Charismatic Renewal Hierarchy

  • At Pentecost 2019 CHARIS will be incorporated by the union of ICCRS and the Catholic Charismatic Communities.     At that time we will change this page.
  • The International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (ICCRS Council)  has its headquarters in the Vatican and is composed of a President, a Vice-President, and various members who represent ICCRS on the five continents. ICCRS is composed of lay people, priests, religious and is assisted by one or two advisors.   Presently Michelle Moran is the President of ICCRS. 
  • The CCRSC (Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services of Canada) has a representative from ICCRS who attends the CCRSC meetings or when unable to attend sends a report.   Denise Bergeron is the ICCRS councillor.  The Chair of the Catholic Renewal Network of Alberta (CRNA presently Cory Yakimovich) and each provincial delegate from across Canada meet twice yearly (spring & fall) to share the Holy Spirit’s message and reports of activities which spread the work of the Holy Spirit across Canada.   Membership consists of leaders from various parts of Alberta.
  • The Catholic Renewal Services of Edmonton (CRS) functions under the Archdiocese of Edmonton
  • The Calgary Catholic Charismatic Renewal Society (CCCRS) can be found at www.cccrs.com 

CRS Logo

  • The CRS logo is in the shape of a dove, which represents the Holy Spirit, and has flames of fire extending from it, which represent power.   Tongues of fire rested upon the disciples on the day of Pentecost as they prayed for a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit.   Acts 2:1-4
  • When you invert our logo it becomes the Chalice which holds the precious blood of Jesus and the beak of the dove is a drop of Jesus' blood.   This is a symbol of the new covenant which is possible through Jesus' death and resurrection.   Luke 22:20 

Our activities include:


  • Monthly Prayer Breakfasts every second Saturday of the month
  • Conferences which provide international speakers, praise and worship music and the opportunity to be prayed with by prayer teams.
  • Mass with healing services approximately four times annually
  • Life in the Spirit Seminars 
  • Holy Spirit Rally's

Provide and/or support

  • Prayer ministry through a prayer chain

To further streamline our services, our leaders meet with representatives from other areas in Alberta as well as with other provincial leaders on a regular basis.

A video on some of our activities can be seen here: 




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