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For the intentions of Peter, who is going through tough times. May the Lord give him His strength and HIs peace  

For the success on her NCLEX Nursing Exam

Olga's cancer has spread throughout her body and she has now been placed in palliative care.    Lord we lift Olga up to you and praise & thank you for her life.   We speak healing and wholeness into her entire body coming against all forces in Your mighty name Lord Jesus.   By Your stripes Isaiah 53:5 and precious blood she is healed in Jesus name.   Come Holy Spirit and fill her completely with what she needs and give her divine visitations we pray in Jesus name!

Please pray for Robert Bilodeau's Mother who has been told that her cancer has spread to her entire body.  We speak healing and wholeness into her body, soul and spirit.   She belongs to You Lord!   Raise her up with resurrection power, fill her with grace, power and strength in Your most holy name to receive fully from You at this time, what you are providing for her.   We also decree and declare that a space will open up for her in palliative care.   In Jesus name we pray!

As we enter into a season where we receive less sunlight, many brothers and sisters suffer from it and have anxiety attacks. We lift all of the up to You, Lord, especially our brother Brock. We ask You today for a special blessing upon him so he would seek You deeply in his heart and find that Jesus is the eternal Light and Prince of Peace. Come, Holy Spirit, come!


Let's pray for Steven N, who was diagnosed with cancer in his ear. 

We lift up to You, Lord, our brother Steven, and the cancer attacking his ear. Lord Jesus, You have the power to heal him, body and soul, and Your Holy Spirit to convert hearts.Drive away the cancer and restore Steven's ear.  We pray in Jesus' name

Our friend BL asks prayers for her boss, who found out she had cancer in June. Today she was told by her doctors there’s nothing they can do and gave her two weeks. Cancer is  in her brain,  spine.  She needs a miracle!

In Jesus name

Let's pray for Cyndy M, who is suffering with cancer again. Last time, with corporate prayers and medical assistance, she was healed. Now cancer is attacking another part of her body. We pray in the holy name of Jesus for a total healing in Cyndy's body and spirit.

Please pray for the religious order, now since the incorporation of a new bishop only a group of women living together but no longer allowed to be called a religious order.   They are called the Intercessors of the Lamb, they pray for people and for priests.   Lord we lift up these women, called by You.   Continue to provide for them as they pray for others and put their trust in You.   We pray in Jesus most holy name.

Rene Abada was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and has asked for our prayers.

We lift up Rene to You Lord, our healer and great physician.  In the authority You have given us, we curse this prostate cancer at the root and any cells that may have broken loose.  In the name of Jesus and by His blood we command you cancer to die.  Isaiah 53:5 Tumor(s) be gone.  We release healing upon Rene, prostate completely be restored in the way you were created by the Lord.   Rene be restored to complete wholeness in Jesus name.