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Darryl Tymchuk is asking us to pray for those at the Remand Centre and other prisons around Edmonton.

Isaiah 42:7 tells us that you came to open the eyes that are blind, to bring out the prisoners from the dungeon, from the prison those who sit in darkness.  As does Luke 4:18, which says You have been sent Lord to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free.

Lord You came to give Your gift of salvation to all people.   We pray for healing and grace upon those in prison/captivity and ask that You give courage, wisdom and boldness to all of the ministers You have called and sent to be vessels of Your grace.   We pray this in Your mighty name and through Your precious blood.

Please pray for Gordon Foss who started radiation treatment today for lung cancer and Irene his wife who is getting around now with a walker. 

Lord we thank you for Gordon and Irene; their love and faithfulness to you and we lift them up to You for Your healing and strength during this time of trial.  Isaiah 54:5 tells us that You took all of our diseases and infirmities upon the cross and by Your stripes we are healed.   We pray complete healing and grace upon this couple in Jesus mighty name.  We curse this cancer and ask that Gordon's lungs be made whole again; and pray that there will be no side effects from the radiation.   Come Holy Spirit.

He is in pain and his daughter is asking for prayers for a Divine intervention.  Heavenly Father, we lift your son Bill up to You. Wrap him in Your mercy and love and bring him healing to the source of the pain, in the name of Jesus, Your Son, who took upon Himself our suffering and brought us healing on the Cross. and He is alive and reigning with You and the Holy Spirit.



Praise the Lord! He had surgery and now is back home

Prayer Warriors,   please pray for Deacon Hyland Fraiser who served the Church at Holy Trinity Parish in between Spruce Grove and Stony Plain, Alberta.   He has recently been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease.

We come to You Father on behalf of Hyland in the precious name of Jesus and pray for complete healing from this disease.   Lord You sent Your son Jesus to die for Hyland,  Isaiah 53:4-5  says, surely He has borne our infirmities and carried our diseases; yet we accounted Him stricken, struck down by God and afflicted.  But He was wounded for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities, upon Him was the punishment that made us whole, and by His bruises we are healed.  1 Peter 2:24 says, He himself bore our sins in His body on the cross, so that,  free from sins,  we might live for righteousness; by His wounds we have been healed.

Lord in the name of Jesus and through His bruises and precious blood we take the authority which you have given to us and curse this disease,  we bind it from his body and send it to hell.  Lord bring Your complete healing into Hyland's body,  we place the cross of Jesus between him and this illness never to return.   Restore to wholeness all of the nerves within His body coming forth from his spinal cord.   We speak nourishment to his muscles and complete regeneration of these muscles.   We speak to you motor neurons in Hyland's head and spinal cord, line up with the word of God.  You are healed.   Complete restoration to all of your body functions; breathing, moving, thinking etc.   Lord we decree and declare divine intervention to Hyland.   We take authority over every obstacle and impediment to get out in Jesus name.   We speak a divine turnaround.

We also ask that You Lord bless his wife and family with an increased gift of FAITH, causing them to stand on Your word and to trust in Your help.   Come Holy Spirit, strengthen them and may they run to You as their strong tower.

Please pray for Monique and Fiona that they will experience a Holy Spirit invasion in their lives.

Irene is awaiting a hip replacement and Gordon was just diagnosed with lung cancer.

Lord we thank you for Gordon and Irene, all of their years as faithful leaders in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.    Send Your healing and ministering angels upon them, blood of Jesus cover them.   We come against the cancer in Gordon and we curse it.   Get out of his body in Jesus name.  We bind you and send you to the foot of the cross for Jesus to deal with you.   Lord we ask that every cancerous cell anywhere in his body that might have broken off to be rendered null and void.   All assignments of the enemy are broken in Jesus name.    We ask that you make a way for Irene to have her hip replacement in a timely manner and in the meantime take authority over her pain.   Pain we bind your action in Irene's body, fill her with your ease.   Your word tells us that Your burden is light.   Yoke her to you Lord.   Finally we ask for Your peace in this household.   Come Holy Spirit!

Prayer Warriors, please pray for Diane's nephew and family that they will be set free from bondage and will come into the light of Jesus.   We come against the spirit of witchcraft and sorcery in the name of Jesus and by the blood of the Lamb.   In the authority given to us through His sacrifice we command you spirits of air, wind, earth and fire to let this family go.  We declare and decree a desist order against you, spirits of delusion and confusion, and ask Lord that through the grace of the Holy Spirit You release revelation of Your truth into this family.    We break the curse of rebellion through this family tree and ask for Your precious blood to bring cleansing and purification.  We pray for this in Jesus mighty name.

Nov 24, 2020   Maria has been suffering from spasticity and has been hospitalized for the last 4 to 5 months.  This is a contracted muscle disorder that keeps her from being able to move. 

We speak health and healing into Maria's body by Jesus most precious blood and sacrifice.  Muscles release, motor neuron center in the brain, come into complete order and signal properly to the rest of Maria's body.   Chemicals which allow transmission of the signals from the brain and to each muscle respond properly.   Holy Spirit come with Your healing, comforting presence, restoring Maria's body to its original state.   We pray in Jesus most Holy Name.

Please pray for Tim as he will be getting a CT scan this Saturday to take a look at his 6 cranial aneurysms. Through the intercession of Fulton J. Sheen we are praying that either he has been healed of the aneurysms or that they have not manifested at all. Thanks in advance for you prayers!

Today, Karmela will undergo double surgery with two teams of doctors, one team for the liver cancer and the other for the colon cancer. The surgery will last for 8-10 hours.  Let us pray that the Holy Spirit will guide the hands and minds of the surgeons and medical team attending to her, and that her recovery will be swift and uneventful. Lord, we raise Karmela to you and surround her with your healing love, in Jesus' name we pray.