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Please pray for the healing of B.R. who was diagnosed with metastastic prostate cancer . It is stage 4 and the prognosis is poor. Please raise him up in prayer for a miraculous healing, in the name of Jesus.

Thank you !

Dear Prayer Warriors, 

Please pray for my great nephew, Gordie, who is 3 years old. Gordie is the son of my nephew, Ryan White and his wife Sarah, who reside in Brandon, MB. His Gramma is my sister. 

I received these messages Friday: 

"... we just received some devastating news today. Gordie has a brain stem tumour, prognosis not good. He will start radiation treatment in couple weeks to help with the symptoms. Came out if the blue. ... having a tough time accepting the news ... Gordie starts radiation in 2 weeks for a 6-week duration.” Gordie has diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, a terminal childhood cancer, which has a median overall survival of 10-11 months. 

 The family is devastated; please pray for them as well. Your sincere prayers are very much appreciated. 

 Praise you Jesus; we give thanks in all circumstances, even the most difficult and hard to understand. May the Lord display his mercy, power and might, and work miracles of healing in this ​situation. May he cast his light of faith into the hearts, minds and souls of all. May he pour out blessings of love and peace, and may they recognize from whom they come. Amen

 Blessings and gratitude to you all, Lynne

(Lynne is a leader in the renewal out of the Nelson Diocese and she lives in Cranbrook, this is her great nephew)

Please pray for Deacon Stan Kroetsch who is being sent to the Sturgeon General Hospital in St. Alberta on Jan 24/22 with symptoms of confusion, dizziness and difficulty putting words together.   Pray for complete restoration.

Lord we lift Stan up to You and ask for Your hand of mercy to be upon Him.   Send the power of Your Holy Spirit and cover him with the precious blood of Jesus.   We come against all symptoms of stroke in the mighty name of Jesus and ask for Your complete restoration.   Lord send forth Your Holy Spirit and remove the source of these symptoms, decreasing all swelling, clots and inflammation in Jesus mighty name.  By Your stripes may Stan be healed.   We also lift up Stan's wife Darlene and pray that You Lord would bring peace upon her right now relieving her from all fear, anxiety, uncertainty and helplessness in the name of Jesus.   Come Holy Spirit!

I am asking for prayer for my daughter Gina and her husband, Neil. They have 2 children, 1 1/2 and 6 years old. Neil got diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis this past May, 2021. He has had a rough go of it and is slowly showing signs of improvement with this debilitating condition. 

Thank you to the Lord for His healing intervention! 

Now, my daughter Gina seems so exhausted from caring for her baby and husband that she sees no way out of this and is even thinking of leaving her husband. I know that this is not the Lord's way for families. I plead, in Jesus' Holy name to protect and heal their marriage and also for both of them to accept the Lord and His intervention in this matter. I am beside myself as the mother and grandmother in this situation. 

I'm not sure why the Lord tests us so but I'm sure He has a reason. 

 In Jesus name I pray, Amen. 

Thank you all for your prayers! 


 Kathy Richard from our current of grace prayer group along with her husband and daughter have all just received positive test results for covid-19.  Please pray for them.  Their daughter is most at risk because she has a heart defect that she was born with.  She is ok but any damage to her heart could be fatal.

Lord Jesus we come before you and plead Your precious blood over Kathy and family.   We curse this illness and send it to the foot of your cross, for you to deal with as You will.   We claim Your victory and sacrifice for this family and nail this illness to the cross.   Isaiah 53:5 by Your stripes they are healed through Your blood and in Your name.    Come Holy Spirit with Your refreshing ease.   Breath of life blow into them and bring complete restoration.   

Please pray for Rosemarie’s step son who was in a serious accident. Below is her request for prayer

Stepson Roy had accident  on motorcycle accident:  broke back, neck and internal injuries thx please share with who will pray 
May the Precious Blood of of the Lamb heal and restore Roy. 


Here is an update from Rosemarie regarding her stepson. May we continue to pray for his complete recovery.

"Thank all for prayers. He had spine severed at neck  they put 4 screws and bolts in neck and steel down to shoulder blades, no brain damaged and hand not broke. He was standing today with help and sat in chair for 3hrs, his face is scared on left side. It [was] truly [a] miracle: truck hit him and left him on road, his bike was cut in two and delayed there for 20 mins as no one stopped to help him as he couldn't move and he said he talk to God the whole time his head was 6 in from car wheels going  by. Another man on bike came along pull him by arms to tree and went for help. The nurses are amazed at how he is recovering. We know just prayer and he let me pray over him, which is another miracle. Thanks for all who prayed. He still needs more as doctor told us he has a lot of therapy ahead, 4 to 6 months, this just to get hands and feet back. Thank you too all who are praying, very grateful. I will try send his pic to you. He even smiled for it. Thank you so much. Rosemarie

Rosemarie did send the picture but we can't upload it.

Please pray for Meagan, a young woman in her early thirties who has just been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer.  Come Holy Spirit and overshadow Meagan bringing her peace and the realization that You oh Lord are in control.   I pray that You help her to reach out to You for Your grace and strength and I pray for healing of  breast cancer, in her milk ducts to be completely dissolved in Your mighty name Lord Jesus and through Your powerful sacrifice!

Daidrien has a leg broken below the knee and is to have a rod and plates and screws around her ankle. She is in extreme pain. We pray for God’s healing power upon her!!!

April 27, 2021

Please pray for Aline Garneau who recently fell.   Her health is deteriorating and she has asked for our prayers.

Holy Spirit, we thank you for Aline and ask that you touch her body with the healing that Jesus won for us through His sacrifice on the cross.   Isaiah 53:5 by His stripes we are healed.   Touch Aline with Your healing presence Lord and completely reverse the effects of her fall in Jesus mighty name we pray.

We have been asked to pray for Janet Klontz, Kerry's wife who is in the hospital currently, March 30, 2021 with septicemia.   

Lord we lift up Janet to you and by Your blood and sacrifice we come against this septicemia and curse it in Jesus mighty name.  On this most holy of weeks we ask You Father for her complete healing.   We command every trace of infection to eave Janet's body right now. Precious blood of Jesus flow through every blood vessel in Janet's body and purify her blood  and every organ and space within her body with Your blood.   Come Holy Spirit, set Janet free by Jesus blessed wounds.   Isaiah 53:5 and 1 Peter 2:24.