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Robert is suffering from mental illness and presently is not doing well.  His Mother also has mental illness issues.   Lord we come to You seeking their health and wellness, we come against depression, anxiety and fear in the Mighty Name of Jesus.  We also ask that You Lord provide Your grace to bring healing and peace into this family.  Come Holy Spirit.

 Debbie B had her surgery and ended up with a leg longer than the other.   Lord we pray for a speedy resolution to this issue and ask that the medical staff will find a solution for this issue and Debbie will receive complete healing.   In Jesus name.

We pray for Chloe, a 21 month old baby girl, who presently is suffering from blood flowing from her rectum.   Lord in Your mighty name we speak healing to her bowel and ask for all inflammation and bleeding to stop and that all her cells return to normal.   We pray for a speedy resolution to the source of this issue.   Isaiah 53:5 by Your stripes she is healed.

We continue to pray for Barry that he may receive the grace of conversion to You Lord so that he can begin his healing which comes from You.   We ask this in Your mighty name Lord Jesus.

Baby McKenzie passed away a couple days ago and now is in the arms of Jesus.   Please pray for her family that they will experience the peace of Our Lord concerning McKenzie's passing and that the grief they experience will turn into joy.   Help them Lord to deal with the grief and bring back the memories of the last couple days with McKenzie where they had special moments together.

Please pray for Aline G who has open sores forming on her legs and she is feeling exhausted.  Lord by your stripes we are healed.   Lord we thank you for Aline and ask that you send the grace of the Holy Spirit releasing Your healing upon her.   In Jesus name we come against diabetes and open sores on her legs and ask that You completely restore her.   We thank and praise You for Your great love and mercy Lord.

We also ask for healing of her daughter's crohn's disease, relief from the debilitating side effects and return of the bowel to the way it was created in Jesus name.

Lord, we place Karen into Your hands. She is in the hospital and we pray for her healing and for the wisdom of the medical staff. In Jesus’ name.

We have been lifting Baby Mackenzie for her healing and today her family was told that doctors will clip her Berlin heart at 3 PM on Sunday, January 26, and they said "it is a matter of time".  Please lift her and her family in your prayers. Time is in your hands Lord and we storm the doors of heaven to lift Baby Mackenzie up for her healing, and for her family, envelop them with your peace and comfort, in Jesus' name we pray !

Jan 13, 2020  Please pray for Augustine, Kathy Richards great nephew.   Augustine has been diagnosed by a paediatrician with chronic hives but today his face, etc. swelled so that his lips are huge.  He spent the day in emergency in Drayton Valley.   So far we have not heard anything more.  Lord Jesus, Isaiah 53:5 tells us that by Your stripes we are healed.  We pray for Augustine that You will send Your Holy Spirit upon Him right now from the top of his head to his feet and bring with this touch complete healing.   Let Your precious blood wash over him and complete this healing.   I come against an autoimmune causes that may have come down the family line,  or allergic reaction in response to the environment.   I tell you cells to come into your proper shape and I command all inflammation to be gone in Jesus mighty name.   Bring Your healing and rest to Augustine.  Let no side effects come from this.   I also ask for your intercession St. Augustine to help this young boy who is your name sake.

Debbie has been given January 21/20 as her next surgical date for her second hip surgery.   Please pray for the success of this surgery and peace as she enters into this time as she is worried about her children whose Father currently has many health issues as well.    Lord we lift up Debbie and her family to you.   Bring ease, peace and healing to them all in Jesus mighty name.