What is 'Baptism in the Holy Spirit?'

Baptism in the Holy Spirit occurs when a Christian receives an empowering for service from the Holy Spirit. (Acts 1:5,8).  Baptism in the Holy Spirit 'actualizes and revives' our baptism.   To illustrate this consider a glass filled with milk (baptism), take some chocolate syrup and stir it into the milk (the action of the Holy Spirit), now you have chocolate milk.   The Holy Spirit takes the life you have given to Jesus and transforms it into a completely new life empowered to work for the salvation of souls.   We need a power beyond ourselves for service and ministry in Christ's Kingdom and for this to happen the Holy Spirit needs our 'YES'.

How does Baptism in the Holy Spirit occur?

The Holy Spirit is already present, poured out, through our baptism by water and confirmation, but we need to 'stir it up', if the chocolate milk is not stirred up it remains at the bottom of the glass and it seems to make no difference to the flavor or color of the milk.  But if it is stirred up (through prayer and accepting Jesus as Lord of our lives; an act of our will) it permeates and transforms everything.

What are The Effects of Baptism in the Holy Spirit?

  • A deepening awareness of the presence and love of God and the Lordship of Jesus Christ
  • A growth of intimacy with God in prayer
  • A hunger for God's word and the sacraments
  • A love for the Church
  • A new power and desire to witness
  • A growth in the fruit of the Spirit ... peace, love, joy
  • Manifestation of charismatic gifts such as the gift of tongues
  • An experience of the promptings and guidance of the Holy Spirit
  • An awareness of the reality of spiritual warfare
  • A call to purification and holiness
  • A desire for Christian unity
  • A call to serve the needs of others


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