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I am asking for a whole pile of prayers for my great niece Olivia.   Olivia has a brain tumour.  They suspect it is benign, but quite large.  She is currently in surgery at VGH in Vancouver.  She went into surgery at 7:30 AM and it will last until around 2:00PM this afternoon.  She was quite scared going into it, so please say prayers for her. 

Olivia is now out of surgery.  They had to leave some of the tumour behind as it was intertwined with her facial nerves.  If Pathology confirms it is benign that should be a non-issue.  Her Mom and Dad are with her as she wakes up from the surgery which took quite a while.  Please prayer that the pathology does indeed come back as benign and that she becomes stronger in her faith as a result of this scare with her health.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of my sisters and brothers for your prayers, if you knew Olivia and the sweet girl that she is, you would pray for her all the more. God Bless you all 


I humbly ask for your prayers for an urgent reconciliation encounter very soon between two brothers which is affecting their families immensely.

Our Lord’s blessing for a quick process on my travelling documents to approve real soon.

For a brother who is desperately in need of a job and a house to rent.

For a reconciliation encounter and a renewed mother and son relationship once again of a son W and his second mother B who have helped him immensely as her own.

For her job situation.

Our Lord’s abundant blessings and graces upon our sister who is going through difficult times at the moment.

Lord, You know these people who are seeking Your grace for reconciliation and forgiveness, for healing. You know their needs. Fill them with the power of Your love that bring healing to their lives. In Jesus' name we pray.

Let’s pray for Mary, for her surgery on May 14. 

Lord, You know what is happening in Mary’s body. Bless her. Heal her. I place her into Your merciful hands in Jesus’ name.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for her.

Urgent prayer request for Dwi's intentions. We lift them up to the Lord, who knows the heart of this request. In Jesus' name.

Please pray for Deb who will find out in the next couple of days if she has been accepted into a training program that will open doors for employment that will provide for her family situation.    Lord You take care of Your people and already know our needs before we ask.   Open the doors so that Deb can walk through them finding Your care for her needs.   We pray in Jesus name.

Prayer for Giovanna and her upcoming ankle surgery; that all goes well and that the Lord guide the surgeon's hands every step of the way. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Please pray for a six month old

Please pray for my friend Mary,  who has some serious health issues. The Lord knows what they are. 

Lord, into Your healing hands I place Mary. Look upon her with mercy. In Jesus’ name.

Prayer for the Holy Spirit to guide MJG in the timing and person to hire to assist in care of daughters with disabilities.

In Jesus' name we pray.