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Please pray for Dave who suffers from mental illness and needs healing and deliverance as well as the ability to sleep soundly.   This condition has put stain on his marriage with Pam and Pam has reach out for prayer for them both.   Lord You desire for all of Your children to walk in  freedom, bring Your healing and deliverance to Dave and peace for this marriage in Jesus mighty name.

Let's pray for N.W. who has a kidney infection. The antibiotic she took didn't have any effect on her. 

Lord, place Your healing hands on N.W. Surround her with Your love, healing love. In Jesus' name we pray

We pray in thanksgiving for the continued healing Joan is receiving through the precious blood and name of Jesus.   Lord completely reduce to nothing any growths she has within her abdomen.   Lead her by Your hand through this journey as You led the Egyptians through the Red Sea completely confusing her enemies and bringing Joan complete deliverance.  May she continue to receive all the peace and grace she needs from You Lord in Jesus mighty name.   Isaiah 53:5 . By Your stripes Jesus we are healed!!

Evan is to have thyroid surgery on Dec 20, 2018 to remove his complete thyroid gland.   Lord Jesus we ask you to be the surgeon and know that with Your skillful hands Evan is safe from all secondary complications.   Thank-you Lord for Your grace and mercy.   We also ask for Evan's covering in Your precious blood to give him all the grace he needs to be at peace and find his strength in You.    

Please pray for Samuel Masa the grandson of Hilda.  Samuel is to receive a new kidney on Dec 11, 2018 from a donor and then his Mother Christina will donate her kidney to the previous donor on Dec 12.   Thank-you Lord for this miracle that is already going to take place giving new life.   We pray for an ease to these surgeries with no complications of infection or untimely events.   Bring Your healing and mercy Lord Jesus, we pray in Your mighty name.

Sister Ann had a stroke in early November and is recuperating.   Lord we pray for favour and complete restoration in the mightly name of Jesus.  Thank-you Lord for the healing and protection she has already received!

Lucy has given permission to ask for continued prayer for her.

I wish to share what her husband has requested of family and friends:

My dear Lucy now has a bowel obstruction caused by a cancer tumour and the prognosis at this time does not appear very good. She is presently resting at the Hospital. We would like to start a Novena one Sunday for 9 days. Please go to the following link to find the prayer (link to prayer)

If you wish to start the prayer earlier that would be fine.

Please take this opportunity to read about Catherine Doherty's life

Thank you so much



Dr. Socorro has been in pain for 10 years now in her abdomen. Thinking it was an ulcer,  she self treated for 5 years. Later she was in and out of the hospital because the pain was unbearable. Last year she was asked to be confined and, few months back, she was in the ICU due to heart problem. She has 7 specialists and none can detect her ailments.

She is my brother-in-law's mom. She is 84.

M. Cristina P.

My name is Pathma N. and I am a Catholic from Malaysia. My wife, Kaveta, is 5 months pregnant. My baby is having nil amniotic fluid and both kidneys not functioning, But other features of the baby are perfect. The baby seems to understand and hear us. During the detail scan, the baby can even cooperate by moving feet and hand whenever asked, which we take as the baby has strong will to be born into the world.

Kindly, pray Jesus to touch my baby, and increase the amniotic fluid and for the kidney to function. Please, help us pray as we really love this baby, and this baby comes after twin babies passed away at 6th month pregnancy last year.

We had a specialist appointment on 4-Oct-2018. Baby is growing very well but no fluid at all.

Doctors are skeptical. We are slated for another specialist scan on 10-Oct-2018, followed by another appointment on 17-Oct.

We are at the mercy of Jesus. Kindly help us praying for us as we strongly believe your prayer and your congregation prayers will help to strengthen our prayers and hope.

Pathma N.

Requesting prayer for longtime family friends of ours (my husband grew up with Sabrina's dad in Italy), who have a daughter, Sabrina who is 35 years old and suffering with Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease.

She is apparently the youngest person in the world to have been diagnosed with a rare form of this disease. She has a 2-year-old child and is expecting another child.

Sabrina is not expected to live more than 1 month. Sabrina went from being healthy to losing her walking and talking in a short period of time.

This story was broadcast on Global News a couple of weeks ago and a Go Fund Me page has been done to help her husband care for Sabrina and their 2-year-old daughter.

I'm praying for strength for this family and that the Lord Jesus will take over this very intense situation and use it for His Glory! In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.