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Let's pray for a son with drug addiction. May the Lord give him the strength to take the step into rehab.  In Jesus' name


Let's pray for Doris, who has an aggressive form of cancer, and is suffering from the effects of ongoing treatment, including major surgery. 

For Danielle, who has severe medical problems.

We place these before You, Lord, look at them with mercy, in Jesus' name. 

Dear Prayer Warriors, please continue to pray for Lisa who suffers from panic attacks and severe depression and she is no longer able to receive medications to control this.   Come Holy Spirit and bring your inner healing and balance into the life of Lisa through the blood of Jesus and in His Holy Name.

Lord we ask You to show Your providence and mercy to The Way of Holiness Retreat Centre in Hinton, AB.  Please provide a priest to oversee the ministry that happens there and an ease to the moving and selling of property for the family coming to the retreat center.   We pray this in the mighty name of Jesus.

Please back Father Bill H. up in prayer for the Ukranian Catholic Parish, Holy Spirit in Lloydminister, Alberta.   Both Father and the parish have been under spiritual attack.   Also keep St. Anthony's Parish in Lloydminister in prayer as well, the Roman Catholic Rite, as both priests (new Roman priest comming) will work closely together and both parishes are under attack.

Please pray for my daughter Priscilla B. that is caught up in a sect and has cut all contact with her family, it's been 3 yrs. Pray that God may open her eyes, deliver her from this sect and reconcile her with her family.

Please pray for a young gentleman, age 29 who over dosed June 21, 2016.  He was found with no vital signs, but brought back and is now in a coma.

Pray for God’s Mercy and Healing upon this young man and his family.  Fill them with Your Holy Presents and Comfort them in Your Love, Amen. Thank you and God Bless!

JD asks prayers for light and wisdom of Holy Spirit to discern God's will
concerning her role in a group using the gifts the Lord has given her.

Please include in your prayers and inetrcession Allan Abada who's liver cancer has spread to his lungs.  His cancer has been diagnosed stage 4.  He also has some other complications including heart disease and diabetes.  Please pray that he will be comfortable and not suffer from any pain.  And that he will have peace and personal healing with anyone in his family if there is a need.  His desire is to live longer and be able to travel back to Edmonton to visit his friends and be with his family.  Please pray with me for this, if it is God's will.  We lift these up to You Lord in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.  Thank you and may God bless us all.

Lord we pray for healing of cancer for this young Mother of four children.   Lord we ask You for Your grace and healing.   Pour Your precious blood over Patrice strengthen her with the gifts of Your Holy Spirit.  We speak life and light into her body, mind and spirit in Jesus mighty name.