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For the repose of the souls of two fine men, Heinz and Juri, who recently passed and have been lifelong mentors to our family. In Jesus' name I pray and thank the Lord for bringing them into our lives.


Please pray for Mufide Mary R and for her Father Mehmet and for all her brothers and sisters and for the soul of her Mother Nedime and for all her dear ones both living and dead and for her special intention for God's will.   We pray in Jesus name.   God Bless you all!

Prayer that we hire the right person to assist us in managing our two adult daughters' group home. 

May the Lord send us a qualified and knowledgeable person. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen!


Please pray for the repose of the soul of Ernie Granger, who was Lavern Jones brother and he passed away unexpectantly in her home this past week.   Lord we pray that you will bring Ernie home to You and that you will bring peace and ease of all the arrangements to Lavern.  

Please pray for the family of Nolan, who was a five year old child who passed away this week from a brain tumor.  Nolan's family is struggling with many issues that need the Lord's presence in their lives.   Please pray for their conversion.

Please pray that I will get a large settlement from the nuisance business next door. We are preparing to sue as I lost my job through being kept up late, this also caused health problems for me. Thank you

Please pray for Rick who had a small bleed into his brain caused from a loonie sized tumor.  He is to undergo surgery after Easter.   He is Cory's brother-in-law.   Jesus you are our saviour and our deliverer, it is by Your stripes that we are healed.   We pray for conversion in the heart of Rick and his family bringing them to the knowledge of who You are Lord and setting their priorities in proper order.   You brought deliverance and healing to those in the desert when they gazed upon the image of the serpent lifted high.   This image is meant to depict You Lord.   Bring Your healing and peace into this family as they set their eyes upon you Lord!  I pray in Jesus name.

Bring your healing into the brain of this young boy who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.  As the doctors prepare to treat him with proton therapy I pray for exact targeting and correct doses.   Lord protect the rest of his brain tissue from any harmful side effects.  Bring peace into his family and give him courage and strength to fight.  We pray in Jesus name.

Lord bring your healing to Joel, a young Mother of four daughters, she has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Lord let your precious blood flow over her bringing healing and deliverance.  We speak healing into all the cells of her body that they might be obedient to their proper role and function.  Tumors in the name of Jesus, dissolve, pain be gone.  

Pray for Thomas' intentions for reconciliation