Every second Saturday of each month the CRS hosts a prayer breakfast for the purpose of evangelization and the building up of our community.  

A buffet breakfast is provided with the cost of each ticket, along with praise and worship and a breakfast speaker who gives their testimony of how the Holy Spirit has worked and continues to work in their lives, giving glory and praise to God.

Venue: St. Theresa's Parish Hall  7508 29 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta 

Time: Breakfasts are held at 9:00 AM

Cost: Ticket price for full buffet  
 Adult (over 18): $12     
Youth (6-18):  $7                                        
Child (5 & below):  Free     
Priests: Free    
Ticket reservation needed (deadline: Thursday before the breakfast)


Call or email Catholic Renewal Services or register online.
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Next Breakfast

 July 14, 2018
Guest Speaker: Shirley Kramps

Shirley was born in Calgary to Paul & Agnes Kinderwater, the second oldest of ten children. She spent her childhood years to young adulthood in the Grande Prairie area.

She grew up in a strong Catholic family, attended Sunday Eucharist, and received all the sacraments. There was even one point in her life when she thought she might become a nun as she was blessed to be in Catholic schools taught by wonderful Holy Cross nuns. But this was not to be.

Shirley always wanted to be a teacher so she received her BED in 1969. In those days small community school boards would give out bursaries to teachers if they promised to teach for two years in their school district upon graduation.

In May of 1968 she went to student teach in Valleyview, Alberta. What a hick town! She decided then and there to leave immediately after her two years of commitment were up. Twenty-five years later she did move but not before gaining a dear husband and three beautiful children who are her earthly treasures. In the last seven years she has also become the grandmother of six precious children and one on the way.

In the early 1980’s a new priest came to Valleyview. He started a prayer group and then the fun began!

She is excited about sharing her journey especially encountering the Father’s Love and the healing of the Divine Physician.

Shirley presently resides in Fort Saskatchewan where she is active in “Our Lady of the Angels” Parish Community. Her dream is to one day meet all those “Communion of Saints” who have so inspired her on her present journey.

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August 11, 2018
Guest Speaker: William Angeles

I was born and raised Catholic in the Philippines. There are eight of us in the family. I am the second youngest.

I moved to Canada in August of 1980 with my parents and youngest sister. We were welcomed by family and friends who have already settled here in Edmonton. Two years later my amazing wife and beautiful daughter joined me and started our adventure in this wonderful journey of life and faith.

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September 8, 2018
Guest Speaker: TBA

(Coming soon)

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