Every second Saturday of each month the CRS hosts a prayer breakfast for the purpose of evangelization and the building up of our community.  

A buffet breakfast is provided with the cost of each ticket, along with praise and worship and a breakfast speaker who gives their testimony of how the Holy Spirit has worked and continues to work in their lives, giving glory and praise to God.

Venue: St. Theresa's Parish Hall  7508 29 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta 

Time: Breakfasts are held at 9:30 AM 

Cost: Ticket price for full buffet  
 Adult (over 18): $12     
Youth (6-18):  $7                                        
Child (5 & below):  Free     
Priests: Free    
Ticket reservation needed (deadline: Wednesday before the breakfast)


Call or email Catholic Renewal Services or register online.
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Next Breakfast  

October 12, 2019
Guest Speaker: Rowena Andres

My name is Maria Rowena Andres.  I was born a Catholic in Manila, Philippines, the eldest of 7 children. I got married to Arne in 1993 and we have 2 daughters, Kate, 25 and Nikki, 21. Since I was 8 years old I already dreamed of coming to America and that dream was fulfilled when we came to Canada in 2001. My personal relationship with the Lord started when I lost my father in 1989. I started to look for prayer groups. My first LSS was with The Spirit of Love Charismatic Community in the Philippines, which I served until I found the Light of Jesus Community.

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November 9, 2019
Guest Speaker: Carol Lovejoy

“Releasing the debt” has been the Lord’s call in my life. Revelation of forgiveness came after many years of intercession and prayer from the Holy Spirit.

My walk with the Lord will show the many miracles that God has done in my life as I accepted His call and became born again almost 47 years ago. I was born into a native family of 3 brothers and 3 sisters and 2 young boys were added to the family at a later time.

Since accepting and receiving the Holy Spirit in my life, the Lord has me actively involved in cross cultural, interdenominational reconciliation for the past 25 years. He has lead me to strongly encourage forgiveness as a path to freedom.

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