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Tonie Marie experienced yesterday (Aug 25) what is suspected to have been a brain aneurysm.   Presently she is in the U of A hospital on a respirator and with a brain drain.   Lord You are our only hope, You are our divine healer and deliverer.   Bring Tonie through this Lord, with complete healing and back to her family we pray in Jesus mighty name.   As in Psalm 6, we cry out to You Lord for Tonie!   Lord, do not reprove Tonie in Your anger, punish her not in You rage.   Have mercy on her, Lord, she has no strength; Lord, heal her, her body is racked; her soul is racked with pain.   But you, O Lord ... how long?   Return, Lord, rescue her soul.  Save her in Your merciful love, for in death no one remembers You; from the grave, who can give You praise!

Lord we ask for complete restoration to Tonie.   Come and bring her Your love and mercy!  Come Holy Spirit!

Please pray that Janet is able to get into a nursing home by the end of the month and that she will soon be healed enough to go home.   Janet is still unable to walk.   Her granddaughter is carrying her second child, which is a little girl, the doctor's are saying she has a serious disease. (The baby in the womb).  At the moment they have not diagnosed this illness.   Lord Jesus you are the healer, we ask you to come and touch this family through the power of Your Holy Spirit.  The grandparents, Joe & Janet, are faithful servants in Your vineyard.  Give them grace to be overcomers and an amazing miracle in Your mighty name.

For Charles, seeking prayers for healing of metastatic prostate cancer. 

Thank you. 

The Lord knows all of the details...if anyone has any prophecy or word of encouragement for Charles, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

God bless you all.



Prayers for our daughter Angela, who experienced a number of days of multiple seizures; this same episode of many seizures happened about one and an half years ago. 

Doctors admitted Angie to hospital and the seizures stopped once anticonvulsants increased. The doctors not sure why this has now happened twice, however, I pray that the Lord will continue to heal Angie physically. Also, that the Lord somehow reveal to the doctors why this has occurred twice. 

In Jesus name, I pray. Amen


On July 25 there was a motor vehicle accident south of Little Fort in BC in the afternoon around 3:30 pm.   Two people were transported by medivac in critical condition and two people in stable condition to the hospital.   Reports say a single vehicle left the road and went down a 30 m embankment.   Rico Suce was in surgery on the morning of July 26 and their young daughter Aleezah is comatose.    Lord Jesus we ask you to cover them all with Your precious blood that is our source of life and healing.   Jesus we thank-you for being in the operating room with Rico and we pray for Aleezah that the pressure within her brain will be released back to normal and all side effects will be relieved in Jesus mighty name and by His stripes.   Lord we also ask for help for these families who were on vacation and now in turmoil.   When the disciples were in the boat and afraid because of the storm You told the storm to quiet down.   We ask in Your precious and mighty name Lord that You will come to these families, bring them peace and calm in the mist of this storm.   Thank-you Lord.

Let’s pray for Peter B, from Red Deer, who had seizure yesterday. “Yesterday morning he list control of his left side. It settled down, but sent from Red Deer Hospital to Foothills where they found growth putting pressure on a part of his brain”.


Please pray for Robert and Paul who have a rare form of muscular dystrophy.   Paul has lost almost all the function in his hands right now and has great difficulty being positioned each day.   Robert may need surgery again to open up his bowel.  Lord bring Your mercy and healing to provide comfort and relief we pray in Jesus name.

Please pray for Sharon who is having the Whipple procedure done to remove the head of her pancreas because of a tumor.   It is unknown at this time if the tumor is benign.   Lord you are the author and giver of life, we ask that Your hand be with Sharon as the surgeon is operating and that You have mercy and provide Your healing.  We pray in Jesus name.

I am asking for a whole pile of prayers for my great niece Olivia.   Olivia has a brain tumour.  They suspect it is benign, but quite large.  She is currently in surgery at VGH in Vancouver.  She went into surgery at 7:30 AM and it will last until around 2:00PM this afternoon.  She was quite scared going into it, so please say prayers for her. 

Olivia is now out of surgery.  They had to leave some of the tumour behind as it was intertwined with her facial nerves.  If Pathology confirms it is benign that should be a non-issue.  Her Mom and Dad are with her as she wakes up from the surgery which took quite a while.  Please prayer that the pathology does indeed come back as benign and that she becomes stronger in her faith as a result of this scare with her health.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of my sisters and brothers for your prayers, if you knew Olivia and the sweet girl that she is, you would pray for her all the more. God Bless you all 


I humbly ask for your prayers for an urgent reconciliation encounter very soon between two brothers which is affecting their families immensely.

Our Lord’s blessing for a quick process on my travelling documents to approve real soon.

For a brother who is desperately in need of a job and a house to rent.

For a reconciliation encounter and a renewed mother and son relationship once again of a son W and his second mother B who have helped him immensely as her own.

For her job situation.

Our Lord’s abundant blessings and graces upon our sister who is going through difficult times at the moment.