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I am requesting prayer for Jacqueline who is in the end stages of pancreatic cancer, I was blessed to be able to take communion to her at her home a week or so ago and I stayed and prayed with her for a while.  I can tell that she is very in Love with Jesus and she strikes me as a child at heart.  Her mother called me yesterday to let me know that she has been admitted to the General Hospital Palliative care Unit, so she can have someone to take care of her.   I told her mother that I would put a request on this site and she said that Jacqueline would be very happy that this was being done for her.   Please pray that God will send his Spirit to Jacqueline and give her peace in knowing that if she does end up leaving this world that he is ready and waiting to take her spirit and warmly welcome her to her real Home. Help her to understand that in receiving this peace she is receiving the ultimate miracle, the one that we all hope to achieve at the end of our lives.

Thank you Father God, Lord Jesus Christ and Mighty Holy Spirit for listening to our prayers. 


For Snježana, who is pregnant. For a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery of her baby, in Jesus' name.

Also for HL and family

Let's pray for RJ's intentions for reconciliation.

Please pray that Susana will find a job according to the Father's will.  May she be sustained and restored while waiting.   Give her Lord the grace of the Holy Spirit to work toward this result in a speedy manner, we pray in Jesus mighty name.

Please pray for Debbie whose short term job ended yesterday.   She is praying to get a job as soon as possible, in the area of office administration work and accounts payable and receivable.    Come Holy Spirit and open up an opportunity for Debbie as we know all is in Your hands Lord.   We pray in Jesus name.

Continued prayer for the Lord's help to determine why my energy level is so low.

My family doctor has ordered more bloodwork - hope it can be determined why I am so tired all the time. 

Thanking the Lord and all of you in advance


She is thankful for the previous prayers that have led to a halt of the cancer in the original location - even the doctors were surprised!

However, more prayers are required due to some metastasis of the original cancer to a couple  of other areas in her body.

I am praying and asking for prayer for dear Lucy - she has been such a support to me over the last 41 years! The Lord has been good to Lucy and now I am believing Him for healing of the other areas that have just been discovered with metastatic cancer.

God bless everyone for their continued prayers for Lucy



Levy had gone into the hospital to have heart surgery on the arch that goes over the heart muscle.  While she was in the hospital she had a stroke which has left her immobilized, she is currently being housed at the Grandview Seniors home where they can take care of her, I just spoke with her husband and he is saying that currently they are praying that she get be moved to a home located closer to where they live as Grandview is on the Southside and they live on the West end, he is only able to get to visit with her late into the evening, as it is a long drive to get to and from this facility. Please pray for this family that they can have their mother closer to them as she attempts to come back from this debilitating stroke, she very much  needs them in her life at this time. Praise you Lord for family and friends, that help us make it through the tough times.

I received a call from Iris today and she has been in the Royal Alex Hospital since last Thursday the 5th of July, she has a fluid build up around her left lung, they are currently draining this fluid so that the lung can work properly, as she has been diagnosed with pneumonia.  The doctors has advised her that she would be in the hospital for a minimum of 5 days which is up today and they are still doing tests to find out what if any viral infection has caused the liquid build up, are are also looking at a dark spot in that same lung which could be an infection.  Once God gives the doctors the all clear she will be able to go home.  Please pray that this wonderful prayer warrior will be back up and active again soon.  Jesus please send your angels to minister unto her and heal her tired body.

This prayer is for Laura who is a senior currently going through chemo for Breast Cancer, she is now also facing extreme back pain caused by a disc in her back.  The doctors are telling her she needs to move from her seniors apartment to a home that has the ability to have nursing care so that they can help her out she is in alot of pain and needs all the prayers she can get.  Please Mother Mary intercede for your daughter who has in the past interceded for others and their needs.