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Dear prayer warriors please pray for the repose of the soul of Ahti Salonen, peace and consolation for his family and care for his son Michael.   Come Holy Spirit.

Prayer Request for Robin, a young 21 yr.old, suffering from digestive disorder causing severe pain.  She is being tested - please pray for clear diagnosis and successful treatment.  Thank you. 

Lord we ask for a miracle of healing and restoration for her family.   Bring your peace where there is anxiety and your healing where there is disease.  We pray in Jesus mighty name.

Please pray for the healing ministry that the Holy Spirit has given to Robert.   May there always be an anointing upon this ministry for every kind of healing and deliverance and may Robert continue to walk in docility to the Holy Spirit.    Protect him and his family we pray in the name of Jesus.

Father we ask you to bring Your complete healing to Tricia in Jesus mighty name and we thank-you for all the healing that she has already received.   Cover this entire family with Your precious blood and under the wings of Your protection.

Please include Arminda in your prayers. She contracted typhoid fever and is 6 weeks pregnant. Let us pray that our Divine Healer cover Her and her baby with His precious blood and restore her to the fullness of health.  We also pray that the typhoid fever has no lasting effects on her and her baby. This we pray in Jesus' name.

Please pray for Audry who is suffering with breast cancer and fell fracturing her humerous while on a hike.   She is on heavy duty painkillers and has been told that the healing process is going to be long.   Come Holy Spirit with Your healing power, cover Audry with your precious blood bringing her wholeness and healing.

 Please pray for a just and fair ruling on the Bizon Estate and guidance for the Alberta Chief justice and Alberta Chief judge as they both review and prepare a judgement on this case.   Thank- you.   Vicki

Please pray for my friend's son Jeremy! He goes in for surgery today at 10am for a tumor in his neck. The whole family needs prayer at this time to bring comfort, and help them through the recovery process. The other children are very afraid for their little brother.
Thank you all for your prayers!! Jennifer