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Let's pray for their needs, especially for a job to support the family.

Please pray for Cecile who has had her cancer recur.   She is waiting for surgery to remove cells found in her abdomen.    Lord Jesus we pray for speedy access to the medical system that Cecile would have surgery as early as possible, that all of the cancer would be removed and that You Lord would keep Cecile in a state of peace as she awaits your healing hand.   Come with Your healing presence and wash her in Your prescious blood.

Please pray for 22 Christian Missionary families sentenced to be executed by Islamists in Afghanistan and all of those under persecution for their faith in Jesus Christ.

Please pray for the Churchs in Northern lndia.  20 churches were burned down the first week of February.    200 churches in Olisabang province are under attack.   200 missionaries are in danger and all Christians are hiding in villages.   Ask God to have mercy on our brothers and sisters in India."

Please pray for the respose of the soul of Betty Sorensen, whose mass of the ressurection was today Feb 1, 2016 and peace and consolation in Your Holy Spirit Lord for her family left behind to mourn.

Let's pray for Rebecca, who has an ear infection, and also Tinnitus.

Pray also for her niece, Anna, whose has injured an eye.

I was at Mass this evening and was approached by a regular attendee who requested prayers for her sister Rita who has had a serious Stroke and is very concerned for her at this time.   If we could please lift Rita up to the Lord at this time she is unconcious and they do not know if she will survive, she is in an area largely populated by Hindu's which is not a bad thing, but her family who is Christian is afraid that if it is found out that she is Christian she will be killed.  We need at this time to pray for her spriritual peace so that she is right with the Lord. I pray that the Angels of the Lord will surround her bedside and give her comfort at this possibly her last hours. Praise your mercy for your children dear Father.

Thank you


Dear Prayer Warriors please  pray for Audrey who is fighting the spread of cancer from her tongue.   Through the sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus and in the power of the Holy Spirit set her free Father.   Provide her healing and relief and draw her closer to You.   Give her family Your grace as they continue to make this difficult journey together.

Dear Prayer Warriors please continue to pray for Cecile who has just received a message from her doctor that she needs to have a PET scan to check the site where her bowel cancer was successfully removed over a year ago.  Lord we ask You to cover Cecile with Your most precious blood and bring her Your healing grace;   provide for her a good outcome from this needed test.   Set her free from all anxiety as she waits and give her an increase of courage and strength we pray in Jesus Mighty Name.   Father Your kingdom come and Your will be done.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of John Harty, Joe Charbonneau's brother, and peace and grace for the family left behind.  His funeral is Friday morning at 10:30 in Regina.