April 10, 2019

Please share my testimony to your friends to let them know that our Lord

Jesus is truly a God full of love and He hears all our prayers in spite of ourselves.

Last February this year, my left chest down to my left arm and fingers were throbbing with sharp pain. My chest hurt from left to right and then in the middle of my chest and then the pain travelled to my back.

Then I decided to go to the Urgent Care Clinic to have this pain examined. The attending physician took my blood pressure and then he recommended for an EKG for me. 

The doctor, after getting the test results, told me that I had an apparent heart attack. He told me to go to St. Joseph's Hospital right away and not to drive on my own. The nurse told me that she could call an ambulance for me. I told her that our sister, Eva, who lives just a "stone-throw" away from the Urgent Care Clinic, could pick me up and drive me straight to St. Joseph's Hospital. The nurse never did leave me  by myself in the room.

While I was still in the Urgent Care Clinic, Eva called you to pray for me. You were out of town ministering someplace. You then prayed with me over the telephone and you commanded my heart to function normally in Jesus' Name and you asked the Lord Jesus to melt all the blockages in my arteries through His precious blood and then, you spoke life into my heart in the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit. You told me that the Lord was telling me not to be afraid because "He is with you and healing you right now." While I was in St. Joseph's Hospital, the Urgent Care doctor ordered for me to have blood test, urine test, X-ray, EKG, and echocardiogram. While waiting for the results in the hospital's Urgent Care Unit, you called me again and assured me that everything would be alright and then you prayed again for me and you also thanked the Lord for His healing touch for me. I told you that many of our family members were praying for me also. Moments later, the chest pains had disappeared, no more shortness of breath, numbness in my arm and fingers I no longer felt. The doctor told me that all the tests were normal, but he advised me to see a Cardiologist to confirm that everything is OK for my peace of mind.

Two weeks later, I saw a Cardiologist, and he ordered for me to undergo almost the same tests while I was in the Hospital's Urgent Care Unit plus stress test. I told the Cardiologist when I saw him to discuss the test results,  that what happened is not normal for me. My blood pressure has always been normal, so is my cholesterol level and sugar content in my blood.

He told me that he has no idea what happened but that the test results of everything that he ordered came back all normal, thank God! He admitted, however, that the test results from the Urgent Care Clinic were very much different from the test results from the Hospital's and from his clinic. He was lost for words as to what happened. He was really puzzled. He told me that there is nothing to worry about at all and that everything is alright!

You and I know and all our family members that our Lord Jesus is our Healer and He is full of compassion for all of His children and He hears our prayers. I could not thank Him enough for healing me.

 Lulu Canton Alsayegh

Stockton, Ca.