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Please pray for Laura and her son Kevin, she is elderly and living on a pension, he is ill and waiting for a Liver transplant, he is on cpp-disability and receiving 900.00 a month to live on. AISH will not help him, then Welfare is garnishing his account and taking 500.00 of this money per month to pay for his ex's alimony for a child they had as she is not working.  That leaves him with $400.00 a month to live on, we all know that this does not even begin to make ends meet anywhere, at anytime. Laura is trying to help him financially but she can on do so much with her limited income.  Please put them both in your prayers and thanksgiving to the Lord today and everyday that the angels of our blessed Savior would come and surround them both with the love that only he can give.

Thank you for your prayers, God Bless you all


My nephew Phillip is in need of powerful prayers to free him from drug addictions, anger against the mother of his son and also his father. He is in constant back pain and refuses to work rather spending his time with alcohol and marijuana. He is in great need of inner healing. May he let God into his life to heal him. May God be glorified. Thank you dear prayer warriors. Cecile