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Please pray that Robert and his brother get a job. They are in dire financial straits. Lord, bless these brothers with fruitful occupations. We ask this in Jesus' name.

Please pray for a teen-age boy, Jetro F. who is in Stollery Hospital right now after a long-boarding accident. There is bleeding in the brain. May our Lord restore him to the fullness of health.

Please pray for Francisca, 96 years old - may the Lord cover her in His precious blood and restore her to the fullness of health.

Please pray for Ting, a senior citizen in Hong Kong who has brain cancer - may our Lord heal him and bring him to wholeness of body, mind and spirit.

Please pray for Maria who suffers from panic attacks and clinical depression that she be made whole through the healing sacrifice and blood of Jesus.  Maria is unable to take any medication for her conditions.

Please pray for my Ann's husband who is struggling to find an employment. He's been laid off for a couple of months now and the family is in time of difficulties. We're asking for this favor to the divine mercy and great providence with the power of the holy spirit to help him find work for the sake of his family. We ask this in Jesus mighty name!

Please lift up baby Isaiah in prayer as his artificial heart valve is not working properly and that he might be at high risk of another heart failure.  He had one back in October and was brought into surgery. Lord, we ask that you envelop Isaiah with your healing light and restore his heart's function to the fullness of health. May you protect him from another heart failure and bless him with a healthy heart -- all these we ask in the mighty name of Jesus !

Please continue to pray for Julie Taylor who had surgery on May 26 for removal of a thyroid carcinoma.   Lord Jesus send the Holy Spirit to rest upon Julie as she recovers from surgery and surrenders herself into your loving hands.  We pray for a miracle of healing in Jesus' mighty name and that her recovery be speedy and without incident.

We pray for Ada and her family and ask You holy Father to bring her husband to Canada and to provide for this family through Your providence and the power of Your Holy Spirit as we ask for favor and employment for Ada and her husband when he arrives.

Lord Almighty Savior and Deliverer I thank-you for Your amazing grace upon Cecile and Aline and I pray for a fresh outpouring of Your Holy Spirit upon each of these holy women of God to bring them to complete healing and wholeness in Your mighty name Lord Jesus and by Your most holy sacrifice.