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Please pray for the healing of Brian from a very bad case of Arthritis, the son of Paulette Kryko and also her grand-niece, Teresa with Lupus who is going through a critical procedure.   On this the Feast of Christ the King we ask You our Lord and Saviour to bring complete healing into the lives of Brian and Teresa freeing them from the affliction of these diseases and bringing them Your divine healing, You are our divine physician.   By Your stripes we are healed.   We pray in Jesus mighty name and by the power of His blood.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Rudy Bruha and consolation for his wife Vi and their family.   Rudy died last week on All Souls Day.

Dear Lord I lift Paulette up to you and ask that you hold her in your arms, she suffers from IBS which can turn into a very heavy cross when a person is under a great deal of stress. Lord help her to cast her stress at the foot of your cross so that she does not have to bear it.  Mary you are our Mother as well as the mother of Jesus our Lord, please help to take away the worries of this earthly mother about her child, so that she can let go of stress that is making her life very difficult to live.  We again thank you and praise you Lord for the Love that you have for us, that you died that we might live for you, to give you glory, thank you  for your Mother as well we are so blessed to have her as our mother to help us with our daily worries and needs.

Please hold up Brian in your prayers, Brian is having trouble being diagnosed correctly they are telling him that he has nerve arthritis, and are giving him meds for the pain. This last weekend he was in too much pain to get out of bed to attend church, which is not normal for him.  Dear Lord please look down on your humble servant and  relieve his suffering so that he can  serve you as he is meant to.  Thank you Lord for attending to his side and helping Brian, we know you love and care for him and will work all things to the good of him  and his loved ones.



Please pray for Mila who is in a very serious condition in the Special Care Unit at the Cross Cancer Institute. May God’s grace be poured upon her according to His Divine Plan and Will.

Please pray for Geiovanna who suffers from rhumetoid arthritis and on Aug 23 had her left ankle replaced.   Lord by Your stripes we are healed through Your sacrifice on the cross.   We pray that Geiovanna's left ankle and her entire body would be healed and set free in Your mighty name and through Your precious blood.

Please pray for my cousin Nono whose lymphoma has spread to his brain. He is going through chemotherapy. Lord we ask that you cover him in your precious blood and cleanse his body of the cancer cells. Please pour upon him your healing graces, and give his family strength and comfort as they go through this difficult time. We ask these, in Jesus' mighty name.

Please pray for Edward Duenas whose liver cancer has worsened and is currently going through chemotherapy. Lord grant that he be healed from his cancer in Jesus's name.


Let's pray for a son with drug addiction. May the Lord give him the strength to take the step into rehab.  In Jesus' name