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Lord we lift up Kevin, who recently passed away, to You; the son of Laura Uhrum.   We pray for the repose of his soul and ask that You give him all the grace and mercy that he will require to gaze upon Your most Holy Face.  Lord you are the giver of life and know each of us intimately.   In the mighty name of Jesus, on this feast day, I ask that you have great mercy upon his soul in Jesus' mighty name.

Lord we lift up Laura to you and ask that you bring her complete healing from breast cancer in your divine mercy.   Be with her as she walks through radiation treatments and bring ease of side effects.   Also bring her relief as she grieves the recent loss of her son.   May she find peace and healing in Jesus mighty name.

Please pray for my cousin, Donna D, who has been recently diagnosed with lung cancer. She has been sent home from the hospital because the doctors say that nothing can be done for her.

Please pray for Angelica McEacher who was diagnosed with esophageal cancer a few years ago.  After a year of fight she came back triumphant to do what she loves the most, teach.   The cancer has come back and has metastasized to her lungs.   Doctors in Canada have given her no hope.   Jesus we come before you as King of the Universe and healer of our bodies and souls.    We lift up Angelica to you and ask that through Your great sacrifice and through Your precious blood she be healed in Your Holy and Precious name.   Isaiah 53:5 by Your stripes we are healed.    If anyone would like to help you can go to


Please pray for the success of Imelda Green's s surgery on Oct 19.   She has been diagnosed with cancer of the heart and they will go in tomorrow morning to resect the tumors in her left atrium.   Please pray for healing and sucessful results from the surgery.   Lord Jesus you are our divine physician, by Your stripes we are healed.   Heal Imelda in body, spirit and soul we pray in Jesus mighty name. 

I am asking for prayer for my daughter who had 20 grand mal seizures a week ago today.
She has a developmental disability as well as a seizure disorder secondary to her disability.
I have prayed for 38 years for my daughter and continue to pray for her. The Lord has
answered many of my prayers and others' prayers towards my daughter. I hope the Lord
continues to keep my daughter healthy and help the Dr.s determine what the cause of
her excess in seizures was.
In Jesus name I pray Amen.

My name is Ryan, and I am a man who has been struggling with my mental and physical health for about 10 years now; in that I suffer with bi polar disorder, Insomnia, chronic fatigue, and a great fear of not feeling safe, especially at work. The Lord has helped me make great progress, though painful and hard, in this journey of healing.

However, I've come to realize that there is only so much I can do on my own. I need prayers from fellow believers, and would be forever grateful if you would pray for me to be healed in my body, mind, and soul; to be free of the demons, and of any self destructive habits that prevent my healing.            Thank you and God Bless

Please pray for Debbie Barker who is in need of hip replacement.   She is unable to sleep lying down  anymore and is awaiting an appointment with a surgeon on Sept. 11.   Lord Jesus you are our healer and deliverer, we come to you asking for a speedy remedy to Debbie's situation.   Please bring her Your healing and relief through the sacrifice Jesus attained for us and through His precious blood we pray in His mighty name.  Amen

Monica who we have been praying for continued in the hospital for over 17 days.  She picked up a Superbug a couple weeks after her surgery.  She is also experiencing some complications that appear to be related to her initial surgery and she may require a blood transfusion.  Father we come to you in all humility and ask that Monica would be healed from every complication of surgery and of her hospital stay.    By the great sacrifice of Jesus may Monica be healed through His precious blood and in His mighty name.

Diane delivered Logan her son by cescarean section on July 7.  Diane has increased fluid within her abdomen along with an infection and swollen legs.  She has not yet been able to leave the hospital, although Logan and her sister remain with her.   Lord Jesus come with Your mighty healing touch bringing relief  through Your sacrifice on the cross.  Isaiah 53 - by your stripes we are healed.   Touch Diane and bring wholeness and healing into her body and into her life we pray in Your mighty name Lord Jesus.