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Pray for healing of his spirit, soul, and body, that God's healing love flow through his life, so he come to know the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Prayers please for my sister Marcelle who suffers from a failing heart condition. That she will not hesitate to get the help she needs in case of emergency.

A prayer for Carlo who has been diagnosed with leukemia. May the Lord heal him soon and cover him, and give strength to the family in this moment of trial!

My name is Clark. Since September, I have been teaching chastity and sexuality from a Catholic perspective to thousands of young people on behalf of an organization called Teen-Aid. As a young person familiar with youth ministry, I was not ignorant going into this mission field, but I was nonetheless shocked to discover the degree to which many young people are convinced of the lies they have been fed by the culture and media about their sexuality.

This work I have been called to is absolutely crucial for our time and our nation’s youth, but if these young people are going to embrace God’s plan for their sexuality and find the freedom that comes from relationship with Christ and Our Lady, I need to get out of the way as much as possible and allow God to move in their hearts. I am realizing more and more that I need to allow God to speak through me instead of trying to convince these kids of the truth by argument. Ultimately, in the face of an impossible challenge, I am learning on a whole new level that Jesus save and Clark does not.

This is where you come in. I need prayer warriors to pray and fast for this mission. There are already millions of voices lying to these young people about their sexuality, but I believe that God’s whispers can speak louder. Firstly, pray for the young people, that their hearts would be open to hear God speaking through my feeble words. Secondly, pray for me, that I would have courage to persevere on the tough days and strength to authentically practice what I preach.


Please pray for Nicole who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumour.  She is a young Mother of four children ages 7 years to newborn.   Lord you came to heal and deliver us from the power of Satan and death.   In Jesus mighty name we pray for complete healing for this young Mother, we come against this abnormal growth of tissues in her brain and ask that you restore her brain tissue to normal; all of the neurons and neuroglia, all of the blood supply.   Lord you came to give us a new life a new way of life; bring healing and allow this Mother a second chance at the life that you have given to her.   We pray in Jesus name.

I would like to make a prayer request for my friend Kasey who is in great need of receiving inner emotional and mental healing. He has been taking psychotic drugs for his mental condition and he is not getting better but the opposite is happening, he is getting worse. I ask Mary and Jesus to remove this evil mental bondage that he is under and set his mind free so he can function normally.

Please pray for Rick who has been diagnosed with Valley Fever while on vacation in Arizona.
Please pray for his complete recovery. Valley Fever is an airborne fungal infection causing
serious respiratory issues. May God’s healing power be upon him.

Prayer for the Lord to heal or help me deal with longstanding depression issues.
I have received much assistance from the Lord and prayer from others, as well as counselling and medication.
This is my thorn in the flesh, however, if the Lord sees fit to help me out just a bit more as at times it can be a bit overwhelming dealing with this. In Christ's name I pray.

Please pray for the upcoming hearing meetings for Dean who will be held on Jan 18 & 20.   He is Autistic and his Mother who like full custody rights.  This is what the hearing is about.   Come Holy Spirit and bring your resolution to this situation for the best outcome for Dean.  We pray this in Jesus's mighty name.

Lord, we ask for the successful bone marrow transplant that Steven is going through today. Touch his body with your healing graces and restore his body to wholeness. May his body receive that bone marrow as if it were his, with no room for rejection or infection, in Jesus' name we pray.