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Julie had surgery for Thyroid cancer in May but there remains some residual cells on her vocal cords and she will go for Iodine 131 treatment on Aug 7.   Lord we pray that as Julie receives the Iodine 131 treatment You will send the Holy Spirit to destroy all the cancer that remains and protect her normal tissue.   We apply the blood of Jesus and ask for a special grace for Julie that she will experience Your presence with her.   We pray all in Jesus mighty name.

Let's pray that the application that Gerardo has sent to the CIC may be accepted. May His will be done.

Lord we lift up Mary and Natashia to You and ask for Your grace upon this Mother and daughter as they walk through this difficult time in their lives.   Please provide for them as they place all their trust in You.   We pray in Jesus mighty name.

Lord we lift up Darren to you and ask that you cover him in your precious blood and that you bring complete healing into his heart and entire cardiovascular system.   We pray this in Your mighty name Lord and ask for the intercession of our blessed Mother Mary.

Lord please heal my mother of all digestive problems. Thanks,

Daniel Faerber

Please pray for A.P. who just lost a job today. Lord, you are our provider and source of everything that is good - we as that you take care of A.P.'s needs and cover her in your peace and comfort as she goes through this difficult time. We ask this in Jesus' name.

Please pray for the healing of Herra Pabloc who is now in the Royal Alex in critical condition due to pneumonia.  We lift her up Lord and ask that you cover her in Your Precious Blood and restore her to the fullness of health. In Jesus' name , we pray.


I lift Kris up to You Lord, she is a young Mother who desires to follow You and raise her children as Christians.   She suffers from migraines.   Lord I ask in Jesus name that you bring healing into all parts of her brain releasing all tension and bringing all the cells within her nervous system into correct order.   Fill her with Your healing and peace we pray.

As Thesesa undergoes the insertion of a pacemaker today, Lord we ask that You cover her in the protection of Your precious blood from all infection and that You give her physically a heart that beats normally and supernaturally a new heart that belongs to you.   We pray in Jesus mighty name.

Rob has a rare form of spinal muscular dystrophy, is on a ventilator and central line for feeding.   The GI specialists have exhausted all options for being able to enable Rob's body to process his food properly.   He suffers from loss of motility in his bowel which is causing a back-up of bowel contents causing bloating and pain.   Lord Jesus in Your mighty name we ask for Your precious blood to cover Rob, to flow through his intestinal tract bringing life and a new flow for the by products within his bowel.  Lord bring Your life and healing in Jesus mighty name.