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Please pray for Julie's brother-in-law Mo, that the colon cancer in his body is rebuked and healed in Jesus' most glorious name.

CPJ, a national organization of members inspired by faith to act for justice in Canadian public policy is coordinating the formation of a nation-wide prayr vigil throughout the Paris talks (Nov 29-Dec 11).   The prayer is to express gratitude for the gift of creation, to lament the devastation of the Earth and to ask for boldness for those negotiating a new climate agreement.  What do we pray for:  we pray for Canadian leadership to act with boldness, compassion and fairness at the Paris negotiations.  We pray that international leaders will agree on international emissions and reduction targets that will limit climate change.   We pray for an international agreement that will meaningfully help developing nations and island states anticipate and adapt to climate change.  We pray for those across Canada and the world who are and will be displaced from their homes, exposed to violence and threatened by hunger because of climate change.

I am asking for prayers for my Uncle, he is my Dad's only brother.  He has parkinson's and he is unable to swallow food, this last week I heard that his feeding tube is going to be taken out as it is causing more problems then it is fixing.  I am not sure how they are going to nourish him if they are going to do so at all.  He is 93 years old and my cousin tells me that they do not think he will make it to Christmas, I know he has suffered with illnesses for a long time and I ask that God would intercede and take his pain away in whatever way he sees fit.  I know that God is all Knowing and all giving and will do what is best for him.  I praise the Lord for the years that we have had my Uncle and my Dad who is also not doing well.  We cannot complain when we have been given the time we have had to spend with loved ones, some do not get this much time,  I have been blessed.

Thank you all for praising the Lord for the life of those who are close to the end of their lives. Catherine

Please send your prayers and thanksgiving heavenward for Marcel as he is currently having issues with getting foood into his body.  He is in his 80's and is not in the greatest of health, he has a family that loves him and needs him in their lives. Thank you to God for the joy that he has brought to his family as he has been a part of their lives for many years.  God is Great and worthy to be praised.

Thank  you for your prayers. Catherine

Please pray for Laura and her son Kevin, she is elderly and living on a pension, he is ill and waiting for a Liver transplant, he is on cpp-disability and receiving 900.00 a month to live on. AISH will not help him, then Welfare is garnishing his account and taking 500.00 of this money per month to pay for his ex's alimony for a child they had as she is not working.  That leaves him with $400.00 a month to live on, we all know that this does not even begin to make ends meet anywhere, at anytime. Laura is trying to help him financially but she can on do so much with her limited income.  Please put them both in your prayers and thanksgiving to the Lord today and everyday that the angels of our blessed Savior would come and surround them both with the love that only he can give.

Thank you for your prayers, God Bless you all


My nephew Phillip is in need of powerful prayers to free him from drug addictions, anger against the mother of his son and also his father. He is in constant back pain and refuses to work rather spending his time with alcohol and marijuana. He is in great need of inner healing. May he let God into his life to heal him. May God be glorified. Thank you dear prayer warriors. Cecile

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Elena Hung, Susana Hung's sister.   Lord we pray that you will welcome Elena into her eternal home to reign with You forever.

Please pray for the spiritual sucess of the CRS Fall Conference, 'Like a Mighty River'.   Bring your people Lord to be refreshed and renewed in your Holy Spirit.   We pray in Jesus mighty name. 

in need of healing prayers against gout, unbearable pain in arm: strenghtening of faith and trust in the Lord. Thank you

Please pray for Cory as she recovers from her bilateral hip surgery on October 7. She is recovering at home but there may be indications that she is developing an infection. Lord, we ask that you immerse Cory in your healing graces and cleanse her body from any infection. Flush her immune system with your Precious Blood and strengthen her body to avert any infection. Lord, in your mighty name, we claim her healing and quick recovery ! AMEN.