I am requesting prayer for Jacqueline who is in the end stages of pancreatic cancer, I was blessed to be able to take communion to her at her home a week or so ago and I stayed and prayed with her for a while.  I can tell that she is very in Love with Jesus and she strikes me as a child at heart.  Her mother called me yesterday to let me know that she has been admitted to the General Hospital Palliative care Unit, so she can have someone to take care of her.   I told her mother that I would put a request on this site and she said that Jacqueline would be very happy that this was being done for her.   Please pray that God will send his Spirit to Jacqueline and give her peace in knowing that if she does end up leaving this world that he is ready and waiting to take her spirit and warmly welcome her to her real Home. Help her to understand that in receiving this peace she is receiving the ultimate miracle, the one that we all hope to achieve at the end of our lives.

Thank you Father God, Lord Jesus Christ and Mighty Holy Spirit for listening to our prayers.