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Lord You are our providor and protector and we thank-you for answered prayer and providing Kris with his new job for the Alberta government.

In praise and gratitude to our mighty Lord for healing and joy.   Cecile would like to thank everyone for their prayers as she has been told she is free from cancer and that the blood clot that remained in her abdomen after surgery has dissolved.    Treatment is no longer required.   Praise, praise, praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord! Tania went for another interview today. There was another candidate for the position and she got the job! Thanks be to God!

Praise, praise, praise the Lord ! Cecile's biopsy from the lumps on her breast turned out to be negative. The growth were just cysts and not cancer ! Thank you Lord for this great blessing !

Praise God! Thank you prayer warriors for immediate restoration of health of Arminda Penalba. Right after the posting of the prayer request, I received the news that my sister has no fever at all and already recovering. God Bless everyone! 

This morning we got an unexpected but very welcome call from the oncologist who had received the referral for Maria. He had an opening and asked us to come within the hour. We accepted right away of course. Had a good consultation. We go for some tests in the next few days and Maria will start chemo treatment in 7 to 10 days time.
Prayers are working for sure. We don't doubt that the prayers from your prayer chain and from family, friends and relatives helped pave the way to this fast progress. Please continue to pray for us and , God willing, eventual full recovery for Maria.
We thank God and we thank you all.
Max and Maria

The family of Carol M would like to thank you prayer warriors for lifting their prayer to solve the case of a workplace issue for J. the case has been solved in his favour.

It has almost been 4 weeks since our youngest daughter (Carys's) vehicle accident. Michael continues recovery, and the other pedestrian (Emily)...we have just heard, has arisen from the induced coma, has had all tubes removed, and is eating on her own!! Praise Jesus!! Carys (from what we see) is doing well... she accepted the 'tentative training with RCMP' scheduled for March (felt too much pressure to accept the 'fixed training scheduled for February'). God is good... very good indeed :-)   Lloyd