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Received an excellent report from her colonoscopy and does not need to have another done for five years.

Hello brother Bob, Please say my hello to your wife Chita & to Jim as well. I am Martina. You prayed over me in year 2013 when you conducted a Healing Crusade attended by thousands including Buddhists and Muslims in Kuching Sarawak, Malaysia. At that time I was paralyzed. You told me to continue to thank and praise Jesus Christ because "He is healing you for His glory and honor and to let you know and the people here that He is alive and that He is still in the healing business." That was what you told me. A few months later I stood up and walk and walk  and walking normally until now . Jesus fully healed me. Thank you so much. People here are so amazed what happened and many have beenen converted to the Roman Catholic religion because they have witnessed  many who stood up from their wheelchairs, many blind people able to see again, deaf people are no longer using
their hearing devices, and many people giving testimonies of healing of cancer and other illnesses. Until now people are still talking about those amazing healings. Truly Jesus is alive and He is still in the healing bussiness as you have proclaimed and and He loves us no matter what. I'm praying for you and your ministry and many people here are waiting for you to come back to Malaysia again.
Martina Ida Laja Proft
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Thank you to all who asisted in praying for Rita the sister of Rachel, who had a stroke in India.  Rachel went to visit her sister and is now safely back at home. Praise the Lord.  Her sister is doing much better and is now being taken off the equipment that she is connected too.  They had a good visit with many prayers been said.  We thank you Lord for allowing these sisters to come together for perhaps the last time and allowing Rachel to care for the soul of her sister and to take your words of love to her bedside.  Thank you Lord for the Love that you have for all of your children, may we always be aware of the opportunities to witness to your all consuming Love for us.

This is a note written by Kevin's wife. God is good!

Thank-you to everyone who prayed for Kevin J. You are like the friends that cut a hole in the ceiling to lower the man before Jesus, to plead for healing.  So, Thank-you!  Kevin is doing well and just celebrated his 50th birthday!  He is expected to make a full recovery. We praise God for his healing and mercy!

Praise the LORD!!!  Julie's brother-in-law had surgery last Monday and the cancer was removed from his colong.  With all the prayer, praise God he does not require chemo or radiation treatment.  Julie and Bob give golory to God and thank-you all for your prayers.

In reading the prayer requests I came across the one asking for the success of the Fall Conference so I felt I needed to speak and let people know that if they were unable to attend this conference they missed out on a beautiful weekend that was definitely touched by God.  Michelle Moran is an awesome speaker and held us all in the palm of her hand as she spokeof God, you could tell how much she loves the Lord and the relationship that she has with her Father in heaven. If you have not heard the talks listen to them on Youtube by clicking on the Keeping connected Link on each page of the renewal website.  Praise the Lord for giving all that attended the opportunity to hear the pearls of wisdom from this wonderful  lady.

Praise,Praise,Praise the Lord God Almighty. Catherine

Praise, praise, praise the Lord !! Cory went through bilateral hip replacement surgery on October 7, the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, and the surgery was a success. She is recovering well and is thanking everyone for the prayers. Let us continue to pray for her complete recovery.

I bought two copies of your book, 'Miracles Never Ending'.  I gave one of the copies to my Mother.  My Mother told me later that she could not put your book down.  She said your book made her laugh and cry at the same time.  Your book is very helpful to me in my spiritual walk with God, it is my spiritual sleeping pills when I can't sleep.   One time in my dreams,God's word became very much alive.  In that dream I struggled against the devil and I used the phrases and bible verses from the prayers that you have in the book.   Even in that dream, the devil could not stand the word of God.   Also, I proclaim the healing of my deafness to all my Facebook friends, to all my relatives, family members, prayer group members and to whoever I know that needs God's healing touch.   I encourage them to get your book from  I always give praise and thanksgiving to Our divine Healer, Provider and King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God.

Thanks again brother Bob Canton for your wonderful ministry to serve God and His people.

Praise & thank-you Lord, You are the great healer!

On Pentecost weekend May 23-25, 2015 Daisy's hearing was healed during the weekend with Robert Canton.   On May 24 she volunteered to be one of the choir members when Robert called those people with hearing problems to come in front of the altar.   Daisy came forward and Robert prayed over her.   She felt like there was a strong but gentle wind that enveloped her body and she fell to the floor, 'resting in the Holy Spirit'.  Daisy experienced total peace and when she got up from the floor was amazed that she could hear everything Robert said without using her hearing aids.   GOD HEALED HER RIGHT THERE!!!   Praise and thank-you to Jesus.   Daisy has not worn her hearing aids since that moment after seven years with them.   Her family is very amazed.   This led Daisy to pray on a regular basis, to read the bible and to regularly receive the Eucharist.

Aug 6, 2015

I am very grateful to Our Lord for the inner healing that I received during the prayer meeting at Mary Help of Christians Catholic Church.   In brief, I have been experiencing a much closer relationship to our big brother Jesus, our Father God and definitely the Holy Spirit.   Now I am even more faithful.