February 2020

I received a MIRACLE! God is alive!   Thank-you Bob Canton for being a humble servant of the Lord Jesus and for being this channel of Grace for me.    Praise the Lord now and forever!   Below my testimony and photos attached, which I received during the healing service at the"Breakthrough in the Spirit's Power" Conference.  

In these special days we have finally more time for our self, a break from the crazy busyness!

And I want to give glory to God for what is keeping on doing in my life. Last month at our Charismatic spring conference (Breaking through in the power of the Holy Spirit) as usual, for our Sunday Mass, we had a healing service and at the end of it I asked Bob Canton (who was leading the healing service) if he could pray for my back. In fact, since 2014, how the x-ray and the doctor report attest, I had a continue back pain which sometimes was giving pains also to my knees and some other part of my low body since somewhere on my 3rd vertebra some nerve was touched/pressed. In the last two year I was not able to lift up nothing heavier of 5 kg otherwise at the end of the day I will have a destroying back pain sometime blocking me in bed for days.

Anyway so that night at the end of our healing service I asked Bob to pray for my back, and he did in a simple way, few words like: O Lord heal the back of Santo, fixed this 3rd vertebra that is causing pain. In the name of Jesus we pray. That’s it. Straightaway I didn’t feel pain on my back and just a little warm feeling. I was say to myself I’m healed, but since many times people have prayed for me, but nothing changed, I just say let’s be prudent I will wait until tomorrow, but one thing was sure, I don’t feel anymore that fix pain that I had for years. The second day I was saying to some of my friends I think I have been healed but I want to be sure of this and since the conference was ending and it’s time to take off all our band instruments from the stage and store back, I said this is the right moment to prove it. As I was mentioned since I can’t lift anything heavy these last 2 year, and usually I let the youth of our band to take off and move all our heavy instruments, but this time, I took by myself the 2 heavy speakers and I keep on moving whatever….hey I feel so good, ok let’s see tonight if I stack in bed for a week. Hey, nothing happened, I can still move a sleep very well, no pain!! The Lord healed me! Indeed, the Lord healed me! Ok I will ask my doctor to have an x-ray of my spine again to prove it. But I know that my family doctor doesn’t like to do any extra x-ray, blood test or whatever especially since now my pain was chronic (by the way I tried everything: creams, cold gel, hot pack, chiropractic, physiotherapy…nothing was working a lately the specialist was suggesting some kind of spine injections or considering some operation…mamma mia, no!) 

So I was saying since it’s hard to get something “extra” from my family doctor, I said directly to him: do you believe in miracles? He said yes. Do you believe in God? He said yes. So I would like to have an x-ray of my spine because the Lord healed me! Wow said the doctor, yes, I believe and he signed the paper to have the x-ray that you see know in the photos. And you may read in the first report how many “bad things” were written and in this last 2020 report just a simple: Normal lumbar spine.

Praise the Lord! He is alive!

I have a lot still to share how he prepared this moment, with continuous words on how we are people of little faith in over a month time during our FUSE Fridays prayer gathering, but I will do in another occasion. For the moment just give glory a praise to God with me, because is the Emmanuel, the God with us!