February 2020

Thank you for all the time, energy and planning  put into the "Breakthrough in the Spirit's Power" Conference this past weekend. It was helpful to me in every way-intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

I wanted to share my physical healing  testimony to say thank you to those who prayed for me and to give glory to God.

 Two weeks ago I slipped and fell hard on some ice on our driveway.  It felt to me like I had cracked my tail bone as I was in a lot of pain and  experienced muscle weakness which made walking and especially going up stairs difficult. I was told by a medical professional that  - it was like a cracked rib, there was nothing to be done for it,  it would just take time to heal.

The day after this conversation, I received prayer at the conference and was completely healed. No more pain and full function! Thank you Jesus! I was able to go for a long walk after the weekend and was fully functional and grateful! My walking partner told me that her friend had a similar accident and it took 2 years for her to recover. 

 Thank you again, Sincerely,

Carla Smiley