A man he told Cory that he had been experiencing pain from his tail bone to his skull for almost a month and after the healing service this has completely disappeared.  

A lady who had been in a car accident about eight years ago and suffered with chronic back pain since this time, was healed from this by the Lord at the healing service.

At our prayer breakfast on Mar 11 a man testified that at the healing service he was prayed over for abdominal issues with red blood when he defecated.   He had was not able to go to a doctor here yet because he did not have health care.   The blood was now gone.

Another lady from our parish had attended the service and she experienced some inner healing from spiritual weakness which allowed her to go to reconciliation and the darkness over her has lifted.

My granddaughter Kiersten (Cory's granddaughter) has continued to be healed and sustained by Jesus through the Holy Spirit.   There was corporate prayer for her at the healing service, even though she was not in attandance.   She went home from the hospital on March 15 and continues to be gaining weight and has no outside life support.  She had open heart surgery on Feb 28.   Praise be to Jesus our great healer and saviour.