I look at the Healing celebration on Sunday and I rejoice, but I also plead with the Lord for my insufficiency. When I am called to pray, to intercede, I am being asked by Jesus to stand in for him so that others might have a physical presence that others can touch and be touched by Jesus through me.

I see the hand of Jesus touching people in their need, in their pain and I see the desperation some are feeling as they approach to seek God’s intervention and healing. As I see this, my faith is always challenged. It is presumptuous to think that I can be there for every need that is brought forward. Yet, this is what I must do. I must be like the centurion seeking healing for his servant. I am being asked to go to Jesus for the needs of others, and in so doing I am being challenged to have the faith that will receive their response from Jesus, that the centurion received: “Go; let it be done for you according to your faith.”

This, indeed can be scary! There are times when situations are brought to me to pray for and I petition my Lord, and speak in his name, as he has commanded each of us, but nothing appears to happen. This is a challenge to my faith as well as to the one I am praying with as we seek the Lord’s intercession in their life. I know that God has acted, but at times the discernment is not visible, the action of the Lord is not for that moment, or that particular circumstance. These times are challenging for me as a prayer warrior as well as for the one I am praying with.

My role is to be a mirror of Jesus before those seeking him, but when the hand of our Lord doesn’t seem to be visible, I feel that I may be a very hazy, blemished mirror that is not allowing the one petitioning Jesus to act with sufficient faith so that their prayer may be acted upon. I am reminded of my humanity, and at times I become concerned that I may be acting out of my humanity rather than out of the commission that Jesus gave.

When the Lord sent out the 72 to go to all the villages around and proclaim the message, he commissions each with the power to act in his name. the results of their actions were that Jesus saw Satan falling, being defeated, and scores of people being released from bondage and being set free, physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

When I see myself being challenged as to whether I am the vessel God has chosen; when I see myself being a cloudy mirror of Jesus, I need to realize that God has a plan. He sees beyond what I can see, and indeed he has worked his plan through me, even if I, at that moment, cannot discern his action. Every time that someone comes to the Lord to surrender their burden, to acknowledge their inability to accomplish the needs of their situation, they are pushing back against the darkness, against Satan and his works. The unseen healing can be the releasing of a spirit that has been in bondage to the deceiver. My physical eyes miss seeing the spiritual realm, but Jesus sees the need of the spiritual so that he may heal the whole person.

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Healings are given to restore the whole person to the Lord. This restoration brings testimony to the interceding love of the Father. This action becomes the witness, the action of God acting visibly in a life, which leads others to become free of their own bondage and to bring more souls into the gift of Salvation.

When I am called to serve, I need to be aware of my limitations, but not fearful of the ability to follow my call from the Lord. Serving, needs to be done with a Yes to my call, but also with the awareness that I need to be worthy. A sinful life will obstruct the flow of graces God wants to give. I must always go to the Lord with a repentant heart, a life forgiven and healed by the mercy of Jesus. I should try to avail myself of Reconciliation when I know that I will be a prayer warrior.

I must be humble in my service, for it is God, not I, that acts, and I am merely the reflection of his love. In all these things, it is important to understand that God knows I am a sinner, imperfect, and yet he chose me to act in his name, to heal through me. I am not to condemn myself as insufficient to serve, but rather to be grateful for the Love of my God that he would choose such as me to be his mirror to the world. I am worthy, not because I am great, but because God chose to make me worthy, and to deny my worthiness is to deny God’s ability to gift me and to change me.

With these thoughts in mind it is not for me to think that God did not act in a particular prayer, or that I have failed, or that my faith is insufficient, but rather that God has a plan beyond my vision and that he is working a great miracle, and one day I may be blessed to see what God has done. In the mean time, I will continue to be open to the graces God is giving me, respond to his call, grow in the WORD OF GOD and pray for all those that the Lord has made me a MIRROR of HIMSELF too, so that they may continue to grow into their new life that God has given to them. I am God’s servant, I mustn’t fall for the deceivers lies, but rather hold fast to my faith and trust that the Lord has chosen me and empowered me. I am victorious because Jesus has won the victory, and I am the mirror reflecting his victory as I accept his anointing upon my life. Amen!!!

Written by Joe Charbonneau